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A well-constructed financial plan will assist you throughout your life and can encompass many different areas of advice. Some of our services include:

Superannuation review

Have you ever thought, is my superannuation fund appropriate for me? What fees am I paying? How much risk should I take? Reviewing and consolidating your superannuation funds to reduce fees and provide ease of administration is simple and a great way to take ownership of your retirement savings.

Superannuation contributions

There are many ways to use superannuation to reduce your personal income tax and build a nest egg for your eventual retirement. We advise on ways to contribute to super to suit your financial position which may also be tax effective.

Debt reduction

Identifying and taking control of debt repayment is essential to any good financial plan. We show you the key differences between ‘good debt’ and ‘bad debt’ and advise on simple strategies to implement to ensure that your debt reduction plans are on track.

Retirement planning

Will I have enough super to retire on? When can I retire? How can I access the Age Pension? Can I work part-time in retirement? As we progress through life, the need to appreciate our superannuation and what it means to us in retirement becomes far more significant. Retirement planning is an area where we can often add the most value to a client.

Transition to retirement (TTR)

TTR’s are a popular choice for people in the twilight of their working life. They provide many benefits such as tax savings, an ability to draw on your superannuation to reduce your working hours without affecting your net income or, help repay your mortgage faster. Let us show you how you can use your superannuation to benefit from a TTR strategy.

Retirement income streams

Cashflow is the most important need for a retireeWhen it comes to superannuation, there are several ways to generate income using account-based pensions and annuities, which have vastly different features and benefits. We explain how these investments work, how they are taxed and treated by Centrelink and advise on an appropriate option for you.

Centrelink entitlements

For those who are entitled to some assistance from the Government, we can check your Centrelink entitlement, help you with the application forms and give advice to maximise your entitlement.

Investing for a specific goal

You may be planning for a specific goal such as preparing for your children’s education costs, a new home, travel, etc. We can help you with the various investment choices to suit your specific goals.

Life insurance

We all insure our cars, our homes and contents but often we neglect to protect our greatest assets; our ability to earn an income and our families. A good life insurance plan protects you and your family in the event of a serious accident, illness or death. There are also ways to use your superannuation to help pay for life insurance in a tax-effective manner.

Estate planning

Estate planning is more than just having an up to date Will. What happens to my assets and my superannuation when I die? What if I have a company or a business? How do I protect my children? What tax will my family pay? What happens to my life insurance? What if I have a blended family? We can advise you on all these important issues.

Aged Care advice

With an aging population and the growth of age care facilities, aged care advice is becoming more common. There are many emotional and financial issues to address. Some of these include, choosing an appropriate and affordable facility, funding the upfront costs and ongoing daily care costs, optimising Centrelink entitlements and what to do with the family home. Without proper advice, significant consequences can result. We can assist you with all your aged care needs.

Self-managed super funds

SMSF’s are a growing industry, however they are not for everyone. You may already have a SMSF and seek advice on the investments or you may be considering starting a SMSF. We can advise you on all areas of running a SMSF.

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